Classical music is one of the greatest cultural expressions of society. Its universal language allows for transcending barriers, becoming an integrating element, globalizer and generator of economy from the grandeur of its idiosyncrasy.

This makes it a nuclear element of and for the cultural industry, education and society awareness. For this reason, it has been hosted a great cultural event of an international nature as it is Classical Music La Vilavella. It is essential to allow society to have access to cultural activities of excellence, which are added to the rest of the offer.

Classical Music La Vilavella, directed artistically by Simón Ibánez - from La Vilavella and Professor of clarinet and chamber music in the Wiener Musikakademie-, takes place each year in  the second half of July as a singular cultural event that agglutinates several factors, not only putting in value a territory as it is the municipality of La Vilavella and the whole province of Castellón, in general; but also adding to the cultural offer of the city a proposal of first order that brings all the public to the great classic repertoire formed by international figures of renowned prestige. Moreover, the academic factor is added for all the students specialized in the interpretation of this musical corpus.

A Masterclass,  a Festival and a International competition Form Classical Music La Vilavella, which makes the municipality of La Vilavella one of the most important and essential destinations at provincial level in the cultural offer focused on classical music.

The territorial scope of action of La Vilavella is to reach not only the whole the province of Castellón but also all the national and international territory. The uniqueness of this site is an attraction for the public that attends this cultural event, especially for those coming from the different points of the national geography.